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Cerec – Dental Technology a Partner in Your Oral Health

Restoring the beauty of your smile is easier than you think! With the exciting technology in the CEREC system, we can create ceramic dental restorations in just one visit.

Cerec machine

The CEREC system uses 3D imaging technology to create a virtual impression of your tooth. From this image, we can create a ceramic crown, onlay or veneer to match the shade and shape of your tooth. Unlike older technologies, which could take several days, the CEREC system fabricates the restoration in under 30 minutes. During a single visit, we can mill the restoration and bond it to your tooth. The entire process is less invasive and conserves more of your tooth’s natural structure.

CEREC restorations are a faster, easier way to repair cracks and chips and cover stains. To learn more about whether CEREC is right for you, please speak with any member of Markham Mews Dental.


Cerec Image